26 Mart 2015 Perşembe

Pregnancy Announcement Plate

Trying to find a unique way to announce your pregnancy?
Well, this plate may fulfil your need!

Once the cake is finished, she / he will see the words of saying '' You are going to be a grandma! / grandpa! or anything you want to be written!!!

This looks like an ordinary, plane dessert plate when a slice of cake or any dessert is placed on but the secret is hidden under it.

Surely, this plate will be a reminder of that very special day for years.

This listing is only for one plate of your choise: please choose from the drop down menu on the right side of the screen.

If you have something different on your mind to be written pls feel free to ask.
I'll gladly do my best to fulfil your asking.

*** You are going to be a dad! ***
*** You are going to be a grandma! ***
*** You are going to be a grandpa! ***
*** You are going to be a ??? ***

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